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There was this married couple. Let's call them Steve and Mary.

Mary was a housewife while Steve worked the 9 to 5 shift.


Steve also had a friend, let's call this friend Mike.


One day, while Steve was out at work, Mike paid a visit to Mary.

"Hello, is Steve in?" asked Mike.

"I'm afraid he ain't, suga" Mary responded in her ever so sexy Southern accent.

"Oh, may I come in?" asked Mike.

"Sure can honey" Mary shot back.


Once they were in the pad, they got to talking and shared a few laughs.


A few more minutes went by when Mary noticed Mike starring at her D cup breasts. Shocked by this, Mary covered her breasts with her arms.


"Aww baby, can't I just take a peek at those babies?" asked Mike politely.

"Are you out of your mind? I'm married!" said Mary.

"Tell you what, I'll give you 100 dollars if you just let me see them." offered Mike.

"Well,... it IS 100 dollars, I'm sure Steve won't mind. It's for a 100 dollars." said Mary.


So Steve hands Mary the 100 dollars and Mary lets Steve stare at her now bare breasts.


Steve is enchanted!


"I must touch them!, I'll give you 900 dollars if you let me touch them!" offered Mike

"900 dollars just to touch my breasts?! Deal!" shouted Mary.


Steve handed Mary 900 dollars and soon began to fondle Mary's breasts!


Hours went by and Mike stood up and bid his farewell and thanked Mary for a great day.


Mary, excited of the fact that she had received 1000 dollars for her little pointless sacrifice, was thrilled and wanted to tell Steve she had received 1000 dollars for doing practically nothing.


It was 5:10 when Steve pulled in front of the drive way. Mary ran out waving the 1000 dollars in her hand!


"Look Steve, look! Guess wha..." before she could finish her statment, Steve snatched the money off her hands.


"Oh good, I see you collected the grand Mike owed me."

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