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Can anyone post here the Leaders w/ RISP


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I want the Marlins to trade for a guy who is in the top 10 w/ RISP (runners in scoring position). Thats why we were so good last season in the playoffs w/ Pudge. If he had anyone on you know that run was scoring b/c he so darn clutch. Thats the type of guy we should be trading for. I couldnt find the data on the net so if anyone can help me out thanks in advance.

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top 10 batting averages with RISP in MLB, minimum 25 plate appearances:


1) Joe Estrada (.511)

2) Julio Franco (.500)

3) Pudge Rodruigez (.453)

4) Scott Rolen (.449)

5) Marcus Giles (.435)

6) Miguel Ojeda (.435)

7) Mike Redmond (.429)

8) Sean Casey (.412)

9) Sean Burroughs (.404)

10) Vlad Guererro (.403)

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Guest Juanky

The leaders on our team:


Mike Redmond (.429)

Luis Castillo (.362)

Alex Gonzalez (.296)

Juan Pierre (.294)

Mike Lowell (.290)

Hee Seop Choi (.289)

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Personally, if there is a change made I'd rather see Choi in the three hole.

Could work too, and force teams to adjust with 3 straight lefties hitting. But I think Conine is better suited because it will help him get back on track with his hitting. It may be too much pressure for Choi - who has demonstrated an ability to hit in the clutch. I have been tempted by the same thought myself...

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