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Who represents the Devil Rays in the AllStar Game?


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Ah, Joe Torre's hardest decision every year. A look at the candidates:


- Tino Martinez .283/.379/.497 11 HRs. 4th best VORP among AL 1Bs

The AL is without the DH this year in the ASG so Frank Thomas and Travis Hafner may take away a reserve spot.


- Jose Cruz Jr. .254/.379/..472 22 of his 49 hits have been for extra bases. 5th best VORP among AL RFs

There's always room for outfielders.


- Carl Crawford .296/.337/.405 27 SBs. 10th best VORP among AL CFs

Would it be disrespectful if he only pinch-runs?


- Julio Lugo .278/.326/.435 39 RBIs. 6th best VORP among AL SSs

The AL is surprisingly weak in the middle infield this year.


- Danys Baez 3.60 ERA 1.30 WHIP 11 saves

You could always go the Mike Williams 2003 route and pick an awful closer


- John Halama 2.76 ERA 1.02 WHIP

Leader of one of the better bullpens in the majors. Was just moved into the rotation this week.



* VORP = Value Over Replacement Player. Defintion. 2004 leaders

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The Expos atleast have Zach Day and Livan Hernandez who are deserving of a spot on the NL all-stars. The Devil Rays rarely if ever do.

Stop slipping on the Haterade... Stop sipping the kool aid. Why would anyone hate the Devil Rays? Feel sorry maybe, but hate? Please.


Tampa's all-stars: a below average closer (Lance Carter), Jose Hernandez clone (Greg Vaughn), an okay starter (Rolando Arrojo) and a few respectable players but nowhere close to the top-tier at their positions (Fred McGriff, Jose Canseco, Randy Winn).

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