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Hard drive/CD/CD-RW problem


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Alright so I installed my hard drive, 80GB Western Digital (if it matters). I had some trouble at first because I wasn't aware that you can only have 4 or less IDE things going on at the same time...


So I took out the CD-RW drive and put the new hard drive in.


And it works


But I want the CD burner instead of the plain CD drive (read only)


When I try to hook up the CD burner again the hard drive doesn't show up at all, its not recognized by the system in windows or anything


But when I put the read only CD drive in everything is fine


Whats going on?

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Guest Guest

Set the hard drive jumper (little piece on the pins on the back next to the power) as a master and the CD burner jumper as the slave. Diagrams should be on the top of the drives so you know where everything should be.

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Guest Guest

Floppy isn't going to interfere with this. You can have 4 IDE devices at once as long as your Power Supply can handle it. The floppy is on it's own connection.


You can have 2 Hard Drives, and 2 CD Drives. I'd try it this way:


Cable 1:

CD-Rom - Master

CD Burner - Slave


Cable 2:

Main Hard Drive with OS - Master

Secondary Hard Drive - Slave

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Guest Guest

Don't hate dood. I unfortunately have been inside 3 different chassis in the last week doing this exact stuff. I had 4 hard drives in 1 machine a few times this week.

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Guest Guest

of course you can also have an OS on your slave hard drive also if you are so inclined.

Yes, I'm just giving him an option of what I'd do.

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If set up correctly...


Can I have all of these set up at the same time:


2 Hard drives

CD (read only)





If you intend to do burning, its desirable to have the burner and HDD you'd be burning from on different channels:




80G Primary master

whatever Primary slave

CDRW Secondary master

whatever Secondary slave


On any given IDE cable, only one device can be accessed and issued commands at a time. Splitting the source drive and target burner onto different channels allows the machine to read from the HDD at the same time its issuing writes to the burner rather than lockstep serializing the whole operation. The net result of such a split should be fewer coasters burned. Hmm


Actually I was planning on burning from the 80 gig and they are running on the same cable...


I'll go switch things up and put the hard drives on the same cable


But then copying from hard drive to hard drive becomes...slower?

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I'm gonna go try this


First - 80 gig master, cd (read only) slave

second - smaller hard drive master, cd burner slave




Would it be better to run both hard drives on the same cable to make burning from each hard drive to the cd burner quicker...




would it be better to have smaller hard drive and cd burner running together with the 80 gig on other cable so that copying from hard drive to hard drive becomes smoother?

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