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Charlotte Bobcats


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Can someone please explain to me the point of them?


I mean we just had a team move out of Charlotte because lack of interest and such just to get another team back in there?


It just doesn't make much sense to me and this shakes up the divisions drastically. You're taking a decent team out of the east and putting it into the hardest division. Then put together a weak ass "Southeast" Division where half the teams barely came up with 20 wins last season (but hey i'm not complaining).


But I just wanna know what the purpose is, I mean if you're gonna create another team, couldn't they have found a better place?

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The Hornets were one of the best drawing teams in the league for years.



The city got fed up with George Shinn, the owner and would not give funds to build a new arena.


So he moved.


Shinn is the worst owner in pro sports. He is already failing in New Orleans.


Charlotte gets a team because people like hoops there and the NBA knows its a good market.

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oh ok i see, thanks for the clearing it up guys :)


anyhoos, yeah NO is basically screwed - midwest division, crappy owner and they couldn't even fill up their arena for the playoffs.


it's a shame because they have real quality players, too bad they're injured more than they play.

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as a long time hornets fan..... i know charlotte w as a great city to have a team...... fans use to have a sell out like evrey freakin night......


i remember they hey day ZO, LJ, and Bouges they even had em on the 1st union bank...... but SHinn showed he dindt give a f***..... he let everybody go...... i mean you people dont know that we traded KObe Braynt to the Lakers for Divac and after DIvac contract was up we didnt even make an attepmt to resign em....... SHinn killed the franchise..... fans saw this so they boycotted the team......


they did the right thing...... now the city is gettinga new team and an owner who they will love...... im glad 4 the sity and im also happy the Nba is givin em another chance.......


i am now a heat fan 60% and a 40 % Hornet fan......

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Well the Divac for Bryant trade at the time was looked upon as a good deal for Charlotte.


Many, many, many thought Bryant was going to be a bust plus he told Charlotte he would not play for them and demanded a trade. Charlotte couldnt do anything other than trade him. They got a very good big man for him and big men are at a premium.


The High Schoolers are like a crap shoot. 1 in 50 pan out the way you want them too.

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