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Last Night's Game 6/18/04


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Sorry game. What the hell happened? :(


Let's see.... we got to see Minervini interview Koch before the game. We just hung out by the dugout (Admin, Max, & myself) before the game and watched batting practice and took pictures.


During the game, we were sitting at Sec 110 and Niner and JP were throwing the ball back and forth. Niner threw the ball straight at us and Max missed it by an inch! Grrr... poor Max hasn't gotten over that yet. He was so close and we have been wanting a ball for so long now. Our buddy Jesus caught a foul ball though. Funny stuff.


After the game, we hung out by the players' parking lot and admired the cars. Took some pics. Nothing major.


We're going to the game tonight. I'll be in my MarlinsBaseball.Com shirt. Say hi if you see me. :)

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Bummer bout the ball. and the game. and all that.


I'm going tonight too.. Sec 144 row 12. Do you always go to BP? I will prob go this time so I can get me a hideous hat to stare at and hate forever. I'll say hi if I see you.

Yea, we always go to BP. :) We move around the stadium a lot before the game so just keep an eye out.

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i went and i got a VIP tour and went on the field at 5:30 and met Cabrera Choi Harris and Lowell Robinson gave me a ball and i went to my seats and guess who i saw one section away from me .

Channel 6 Reporter Martha Segawski she is married to Crieg Minervinini i met her even though they lost i had a blast

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