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Alf to host television special


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Today's sign that the apocalypse is coming:




Alf to host television special


By Associated Press


NEW YORK (AP) -- Ed McMahon has found the unlikeliest of talk-show hosts to replace Johnny Carson: Alf, the alien from the planet Melmac.


McMahon will be announcing "Heeeere's Alf!" on a half-hour special that will air July 7 on TV Land, the cable channel said.


"Alf's Hit Talk Show" will rely on the tried and true format of a late-night talk show with monologue, banter and guests - with one significant alteration: an alien from a popular `80s TV sitcom as host.


Alf will be joined by guests Dennis Franz of "NYPD Blue" and comedian Drew Carey, with special appearances by Joan Rivers and Henry Winkler.


As for TV Land's faith in him to join the ranks of David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien, Alf said in a recent statement: "They have demonstrated superb taste by giving me my own show and it's humbling that they recognize my unequaled genius."


Whether the show is, in fact, a "hit" will depend on the reception of the half-hour special, which could be developed into a series, TV Land said.


Following "Alf's Hit Talk Show," TV Land will run a four-episode marathon of classic "Alf" shows. The comedy about a furry alien wiseguy who lives with an Earth family after crashing into their garage ran from 1986-90.

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