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Phillies Just Lost...

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Guest FishFanInPA

After watching all 6,704 innings of this game, I can honestly say that the Marlins will never be more then two games out of this race and that the Phillies are too damn inconsistent for them to run away with it. We'll be fine. They stunk the first 20 games, we're just having our bad stretch now.


Oh and does 18 out of 20 mean anything? Oh wait...it's our win total vs. them int he last 20 games.


No worries.

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Baltimore 7

Philadelphia 6





Baltimore saved us from going 2 games back....we can't keep relying on other teams to keep us in it.


The Mets and Braves both won....so the NL East is getting bunched up between 4 teams.

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This month we have games against all of our division foes (except Atlanta) so we can make up games lost. We will find that groove again! Go fish!!


He will be hosting the Phillies (a four game series) on the 26 - 29. Our house will be rocking then. Also, I have a gut feeling that before that series starts, that the Marlins would have made a trade (or two) for pen help and offensive fire.


It's time to get up and cheer our fish on this month! :arms :group :invasion


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