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Today's (Sat) Autograph Session

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Well for those wondering, the Autograph Session included Nate Bump and our Manzy! I got Manzy to sign my work-in-progress team ball as I managed to be one of the first 200 (actually one of the first three at gate H) -- lucky me! Others with me went home empty handed =]

Also, the fireworks show was great, lasted about 15 minutes..and the players then emerged into heavy traffic, only saw Manzy stop to sign again outside the stadium...It was quite loud at the game, including "The Wave" going around several and several times during the 8th inning..lol

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Do they give you a big card for them to sign or something?


Because I saw a Nate Bump autograph on a Big card or mini poster w.e you want to call it thrown on the floor.


Wouldnt blame them tho.





Yeah that's the card they gave you if you received "Ticket B" and had nothing to have signed, he signed a large card (the one you saw). Manzy was signing another type of card, I think a World Series one. I hear Bump had his WS ring on, too.

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That's cool, congrats.


How early did you get there?




hmm maybe 30 minutes or so before gates opened to let us into stadium..nobody knew what line would open up, and they were all forced out due to having to chain up the lines, so I just hopped into line behind this couple and managed to be 3rd instead =]

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well yesterday (saturday) i sat in the jacuzzi section and Manzy came to the bullpen early and he said the reason why was because he had to cut his nails... and it was true he sat there till the game started cutting his nails and filing them... crazy but i guess not that crazy

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