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The mistakes over the past year

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Starting from oldest to most recent Most will be controversial.



1. The Urbina Trade


The trade itself was a great trade, and a large part of what made us WS Champs. But -and I questioned it then- did we trade Adrian Gonzalez instead of Jason Stokes. I understand Jason has a higher upside, but Adrian was closer to ready and fit the mold of this team much better with decent power, good average, and great defense. He could (and I stress could not would) have been ready to share duty this year with Conine at first, which would have created much more flexibility in what we got in return for Lee. Jason is still 2 years from ready, with great power numbers and little else. I know this all of assumes Texas would have taken Jason in place of Adrian, but I don't think it would be much of a stretch to assume they would.


2. The Conine Deal


Again I'm not questioning the results of the deal, just a detail. In this case it was giving Conine an extension. At the time of the trade Conine was signed through this season. We gave him a one-year extension, a jester to all the Marlins fans who remember Mr. Marlin. Uhh, why? He's old and on the decline, and had we waited a week to give him the extension we would have seen it. Overall (offense + defense) he's an average 1B, and a below average LF. His short-term value justified the prospects we gave up, his long-term value does not justify the extension.


The Ultra-Controversial (and possibly not possible)


1. Vlady should have been a fish. He wanted to come here, and if we offered it while he was being ignored I THINK he would have signed a $10M/year for 4 to 6 years. Its not my money, but it would have been money well spent. Talk about monster upgrade, it would have been bigger than resigning Pudge (but thats another post). Even at a back loaded $11M we would have done well.


2. Pierre had a career year last year. Everything worked, and he was magic. BUT, he was and is a streaky hitter who does not walk. He's great on the bases but having trouble getting on consistently. So why didn't we at least explore trading him last offseason. He's got a great work ethic, which at times energized our team, but his production was in all likelihood going down. We knew that the pen was going to be a problem. Basically although it would have been unpopular the FO should have made the tough and unpopular decision to get some quality players while his value was unnaturally high.


3. The Bullpen sucks. We knew it was going to suck. Why didn't Loria give an ok to spend some money. Heck he wouldn't even have to spend much if we had much presence in Japan (ok this is a HUGE stretch but I'm on a role). You look at the PITCHERS signed out of Japan and they have generally done well, out of the pen if nothing else. Except for Hideki Irabu (aka "Fat Toad") they have all been cheap on their initial contracts.

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1. Maybe they didn't want Jason Stokes? Gonzalez can atleast play first base and some plate discipline.


2. The trade wasn't for the short term, Loria wants to win fans back and get a stadium. Niner helps the team's profile. And I may be a homer, but Conine a below-average leftfielder? Check the stats. He ranks high among his peers in all the catergories. Range and fielding percentage.



1. Vlad should have been with the Dodgers.


2. I agree. With our payroll sell high, buy low. Same can be said for Beckett who has contributed 350 innings in his 3 year career.


3. Maybe we should have spent money on a Roberto Hernandez? The vast majority of relief pitchers are only role players and no matter what talent they have their production is based on how they are used by the manager.

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