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Gonzo, Penny trade?????

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I got a call last night that a friend heard on sports center that the Marlins are working or considering a trade of Penny and Gonzo for Normar. I talked to Penny about it and he had heard it too, maybe since things arent going so well, they are going to trade some of the guys like Penny and Pavano, I wouldnt be surprised if both those guys are gone. Tade value is high and we arent doing what we need to be doing. Penny said he really would like to stay in Florida, he really loves it, but you go where you gotta go. Anyone else heard anything like this?

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I know this has been discussed for several days, my question was, did anyone hear this on sports center last night? Do you really think because Loria sd it wasnt going to happen that it wont? Trust me, they. and any other team would trade their grandmother if it was for the right price.

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If Loria says no, it means no, are you kidding me? No never means no in mlb!!!



I agree. Things change, times change. The situation in this clubhouse has certainly changed. The Marlins have not been as good as advertised in a lot of ways and it has been disappointing. I dont think anyone on this roster, save Lowell, AJ and Cabrera is untradable right now. I believe that they will at least listen to other offers. That includes Beckett.


That doesnt mean anything will happen though.

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