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  1. ill take the chick one and pick oprah....Big mOnEy Baller
  2. um im not too pissed about loseing lowell he cant play a full season its like he shuts down after the all star break
  3. wow this guy is a real punk ive been hit in the nuts cacthing and hit in the face by a 86 mile an hour pitch,its called get up and walk it off u moron.i thin kill sue the sky for being blue in the day.
  4. sounds good,we need a pitching coach to come in and slap our young guns around
  5. damn thats a pretty big leap there...but ill still go cuz im a freaking marlins fans and i know they lost like 12 mill this year or sumthing and look at what our player are getting paid cab made less then a mil this year he would be makeing millions with another team
  6. must ..get ...braves..pitching coach.
  7. dont think he'll go to the sox if they decided to resign padro which might depend on his starts in the post season,hmmm martinez a marlin .... i can dream cant i...
  8. oh man its been painful wacthing the marlins lately pavano 2 hits 1 run.... :banghead
  9. right...lol big words from a lil man, r u bitter because the twins won the central agian? oh just for kicks when the hell is the last time u won a series in the post season i think in 93 u went 1 and done and in 2000 1 and done agian,while the marlins have never lost a series in the post season...dont come here and say we have no shot when ur team hasent done nething for liike 200 years.just because ur season is over in june dosent mean u have to be a bitter basterd
  10. havent given u on the marlins just not expecting too much but still wacth every game,but hey we play the phillies now so here come the wins!
  11. thats exactly what we needed...
  12. u really think if the yanks want him the boss isent gonna make sum huge deal to make him go if he over pays back up 3rd basemen imagine what he'll do to a possible cy young winner,that being siad pav is the man i cant really hate him for leaveing for more money its only human to wanna make sure ur family is liveing good for years to come,but i hope he stays.
  13. adio305


    stu scott is a lazy eyed basterd
  14. im telling u man if we can get in the post season we'll rip apart ne team in a short seriers when u have the ace pavano,followed by fire baller AJ and a proveing big game pitch josh becket with the big man in the bull pen and willis comeing in to face lefties...thats a pitching beat down.
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