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One thing I'd like to see...

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I'd like to see Nate Bump get a start or two. I'm starting to think that Bump could be a very solid option as a 5th starter. I'd just like to see what Bump could do as a starter, because if he proves that he can handle the job it could open up some opportunities for Beinfest to make a move.


Trade options: Brad Penny and Carl Pavano have a tremendous amount of trade value at this point. If Bump can take over that 5th starter job, then that would make it easier to trade one of these guys. ESPN.com is reporting that the Braves will not trade Russ Ortiz. There was a reported deal that Ortiz was gonna be traded to the Rangers for Mark Texeira. If we could get Texeira and one of their solid relief pitchers for Penny. I think it would incredibly beneficial for us. I'm convinced that either Penny or Pavano will not be on this team next year. Trading Penny would increase the probability of signing Pavano in the offseason while getting a future star, that can help us fill a whole in left field now. While helping the bullpen at the same time.


Bump could also be a valuable trade piece if he excels in his starts.


I love what I've seen from Bump since he's been called back up from AAA, and I think he should be given an opportunity as a starter, because that's where I think he will be most effective.

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If he continues to do well in the pen, why move him?


because with the trade market as it is. Starting pitching has so much value at this time. If we can find a 5th starter that can do the job adequately we could trade Penny and fill all the current wholes in the team. While helping the team's future at the same time.

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As farmer fan said. If we can develop Nate Bumb who in my opinion has huge potential we can look to trade one of our current starters for some good money. And with good money we can get a good young bat.


Remember that at this time of the year teams that aren't contenders start trading young talent for cheap. This could really help the Marlins offense.

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If we could get Teixeria for Penny, I'd have a hard time turning that down, with or without a fifth starter identified. A 3-4-5 of Tex, Lowell and Cabrera for the forseeable future is really tantalizing, and personally Penny hasn't done enough for me to see us giving him $7 mil + in arbitration.


I'm not advocating trading Penny, but when you can get a switch hitter with the kind of pop that Teixeria has, I don't really think there is a whole lot that you wouldn't give up...

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