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Everybody needs to chill


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Listen up everyone, we cannot control this team. As fans all we can do is hope they do well and support them. I think everybody here does that. This team has serious issues which are just crippling it and we might not even know what it is. Everybody needs to take a deep breath and just step away from baseball for the night. Talk about music, movies, video games, your job, your car, or a book you are reading. No need to heat your coils over something you cannot control. Remember, we won a championship last year and the future is still looking good. This season's goal was contention, we are still barely in contention, but as is baseball anything can change at any time.

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I agree that some people around here are over reacting, but it's almost Mid July and the all star break, and the Marlins are a .500 team with some gaping holes.


That is a reason for some serious concern.




indeed. i mean alot of us were so excited w/ the incredible start and expectod so much, and then this happens. from 1st to THIRD. from at one point 11 games over .500 to a .500 team. WTF.


God only know tomm well probably be 1 game below, and i wouldnt be surprised.


as fans we cant do much but express our frustration. no effort, no heart, ZERO consistancy. its a total and utter shame

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