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Do you ever stalk baseball players?

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Heres my Spooney story!


My dad, mom and I went to pick up something from this guy who lives in the same community as Tim Spooneybarger. So we drove by his house and we kinda saw him and his wife come out of his house and they drove off. So we kinda followed him *This really did happen*

They went to Blockbuster so me and my dad went in there and looked around for (Billy Elliott) but we were looking at Spooney. I think he recongnized sp? me from when we were in the car and he looked at me for a few seconds. We seriously walked together barely 1 foot away, I was dying, I was going to say hi to him but I was too scared. BTW: His wife was there too!! He was soo tall * I am still mad that I didn't say hi*

Him and his wife were buying X-Box games I guess!

It was so funny me and my dad were the only one that knew who he was, even the lady who gave him an application for Blockbuster didn't even know


Now maybe I'll see him again!!

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Spooney :wub:s you



I think after my encounter with him he hates me! :lol

Well I admit it hes kinda cute! My mom thinks so too



He's totally cute. His wife was interviewed on Marlins On Deck earlier in the season and she looked very very young.


I don't really get stalking baseball players..it's not like it's hard to see them in person.

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Guest marlins02

i spent a night staking out in front of Mike Lowell's house.


then a cop car came and told me to move or that ill be arrested and presented me with a restraining order.

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i really never stocked a player but i went to a game last year on sunday and they have snap shot sunday and spooney was the player and i wanted to take a picture with him and i didnt have a coupon to so my dad asked the guy if i could and i begged him and the guy let me. on spooneys website it said u could mail something to him and he will sign it and return it so i sent it to him :D

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