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Pitching staff


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Now that the trade raped our pitching staff...what the hell are we gonna do


1) Pavano

2) Burnett

3) Willis

4) Beckett

5) Bump/Tejera/Wayne/Small/whatever else scrub we can put on the mound for a guaranteed loss


Pavano is good. We all know that. Burnett has been very good, but he still isn't 100%, and he's still recovering from elbow surgery. Willis has been pretty good (hell, his ERA is in the 3s), but he's still 22 y/o and inconsistent. Beckett is fragile, and apparently is not back to his old self (what an awesome 3IP performance last nite! :thumbup )...and then we have the guaranteed loss.


Man, this looks great :thumbdown

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apparently no one knows what the f*** we're gonna do.


We took two holes that we could cover up (OF and Catcher could be masked by others in the lineup, rotating players, etc.)...you can't mask our gaping holes in our rotation.


This royally sucks....

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Guest Jack1

No one has mentioned this but maybe our starting rotation may get even better with LoDuca including Wayne or Bump or Tejera. I personally think a good catcher can make a big difference. Nothing against Redmond but it's obvious his back is killing him.

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Miami is a city that is never happy...people obcess over encarnacion and don't even realize that the marlins just got an all star catcher and top 5 setup man in exchange for a solid started (not a superstar) and choi who at this point is barely average. i liked choi and penny alot but we raped L.A. in this deal. people have to understand that we couldnt keep both penny and pavano and by making this deal what go top value for Penny. Also consider Benitez is not under contract for next season..Mota gives the Marlins leverage

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mota raises the BP to another level hes our solid 8th inning man he'll take pressure of the rest of the B.P, Mando and the Starters.

Our starters in a close game no longer have to go very deep into games where they are fatigued just beacuse the BP wont hold the lead.

Koch may find himself with alot of the pressure taken off of him.

heres the way our BP sets up

Starters 5 IP-7IP

BP 7th inning men Manzy Koch Lefty specialist: Perisho

8th "Mow em down MOTA"



also figure in the revolving door of AAA pitchers

Man if Spooney comes back our BP is Stacked

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The addition of Mota lengthens our bullpen. So we dont have to get 6+ IP from our starters every time out - but if we want to win we should.


I think we can easily find someone to plug the hole of the 5th starter. No one in the NL East had as talented a starting 5 as we did and still no one has as talented a group as we still have. Beckett is a warrior and will be there when we need him. Looking a lot like last year's model at this point - injury keeping him from being consistently out there.


I had reservations about dealing Penny before, when everyone wanted Texeira, but this deal makes a lot more sense and I think we could live with the hole left by Penny. We only have to make those 5-7 remaining starts and if we could win half of them, mission accomplished. Dont forget, our bullpen is now a hell of a lot better (which means we are less likely to blow leads) and our offense has been upraded immensely (which means we are more likely to create leads early on too).


Getting a 5th starter to round out the rotation is much easier than getting the deal we just made and I think if the money is there and we are winning, Pavs stays. I dont think we were going to be able to keep Penny and Pavs after this season anyway and regardless if we controlled Penny's contract or not, we werent going to pay him the money he was going to demand (and possibly earn).

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