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Rolle avoids charges

Guest marlins02

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Guest marlins02

'Canes CB Rolle avoids criminal charges


By Omar Kelly and Keven Lerner


Posted August 2 2004, 10:57 AM EDT


MIAMI -- The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office has decided not to file charges against Hurricanes cornerback Antrel Rolle, who is considered one of the nation's top NFL prospects, for his involvement in a July 11 altercation with police.


Rolle appeared in a Miami-Dade courtroom for his arraignment Monday morning, facing charges of resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.


After investigating the incident, the state attorney's office decided that Rolle's recent participation in a night ride-along with an officer was sufficient punishment, "so he can understand the dangers and challenges that officers are faced with."


The UM senior also wrote a letter to the state attorney's office, describing his ride-along experience, which was shown to the arresting officer.


Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the judge said, "Have a nice day. So much for so little," referring to the packed courtroom mainly comprised of media, family members and a number of Homestead police officers. Rolle's father, Alexander Rolle, is chief of police in Homestead.


"They investigated the case thoroughly and made the right decision," Rolle's attorney Peter Heller said.


UM also is unlikely to take any action against Rolle, who has no prior arrests.


Rolle's friend, Michael Rodriguez, was offered a similar opportunity to avoid charges for two misdemeanors in the incident, which started with an altercation with individuals who allegedly attacked Rolle's vehicle before fleeing the scene.


According to the police report, Rolle and Rodriguez were involved in a fight on the streets of the Grove around 4 a.m.


The report states the arresting officers broke up two previous fights involving Rolle, Rodriguez and unidentified individuals, who fled. When Rolle was asked to produce his driver's license following the third incident, the report states: "He began cussing and getting aggressive in his demeanor towards both officers."


Rolle allegedly caused a commotion that drew a crowd, and when the officers informed him that he was going to jail, he refused to be handcuffed, yanking his arms away from the officer. During that struggle Rolle allegedly pushed officer Kenneth McIllwain's arm away while swinging his, and the exchange injured McIllwain's shoulder, prompting the need for backup help.


Rolle was released the next day on a $6,500 bond.


Rolle was suspended indefinitely by the university pending an investigation, and had been banned from participating in any of the team's voluntary workouts and conditioning drills.


The Hurricanes begin practice for the Sept. 6 season opener against Florida State next Monday.

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I understand where he's coming from...


some dudes eff up your car, run away...you catch em and start fighting. Cops come, and the dudes get away, and you get arrested. I'd be pretty pissed.


And I have a feeling that cop's shoulder wasn't "injured". Maybe it hurt for a little bit...but what'd he do? Dislocate it? Separate it? Cmon.

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I can think of greater.


And as for run-ins with the law that weren't so bad....I like Jabar Gaffney. A kid stole his scooter, so he chased him down and beat him to a bloody pulp. That's why he is on my "Badass List" (with Shockey, Rashaun Woods, and Brian Urlacher).

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I can think of greater.


And as for run-ins with the law that weren't so bad....I like Jabar Gaffney. A kid stole his scooter, so he chased him down and beat him to a bloody pulp. That's why he is on my "Badass List" (with Shockey, Rashaun Woods, and Brian Urlacher).


Was that classic or what? Wasn't there something that had to do with that case involving a lake?

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from April of 2001:


Gaffney investigation moves to State Attorney's office

By Erin Bryce

Alligator Writer




The State Attorney's Office is reviewing the allegations of a 15-year-old high school student who said UF wide receiver Jabar Gaffney beat him after he attempted to steal the player's motor scooter.


State Attorney Bill Cervone was out of town Wednesday and could not be reached for comment.


University Police spokesman Joe Sharkey would not comment about the investigation on Wednesday.


"As long as the state attorney's office is looking into it, it's an open case," Sharkey said. "I can't speak for them." No charges will be filed against Gaffney by UPD, Sharkey said. Despite the transfer of the investigation, Sharkey said police continue to investigate a possible link of the boy and his 14-year-old friend to other motor scooter thefts this year.


The boy's mother, Mary Barlow, said as far as she is concerned, the case is "far from over."


She said she would not comment further until she spoke to her lawyer.


The boy, who is being charged with a felony for stealing two motor scooters the night of the incident, said he and the friend were looking at Gaffney's scooter at the Lakeside Residential Complex when Gaffney approached them.


He said Gaffney and others, including Gator linebacker Byron Hardmon, began questioning him, when his friend ran off. Gaffney then began to hit him, and the boy fell.


The boy said Gaffney continued to kick him, chasing him into a nearby retention pond and holding him by the neck underneath the water.


The boy said he was able to get away, and crawled out of the pond when Gaffney and Hardmon began to kick him.


The boy said beating then stopped and police officials arrived.


He said sometime during the beating, he heard Gaffney tell a person not to call the police.


Large cuts and bruises were scattered over his body - including the imprint of a large hand around his arm and side.


Gaffney refuses to comment about the incident.

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Guest Juanky

That Gaffney case was interesting. I hate criminals that press charges against people they were comitting a crime against, or fat people that sue McDonald's. f***ing society.

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You know whats wierd and suspicious about the whole case is that Rolle is about the classiest guy on the Canes. He never gets into trouble. And why would he attack a police officer? His dad is a police chief and brothers are police officers. This sounds like a case of racism toward afroamericans showing up again...



Thank god for Rolle he wasn't put in jail. He didn't deserve it...



P.S. That Jabar Gaffney case rocked. Thats one of the few things I liked about the Gators.


P.P.S. Juanky, you haven't lived until you've sat through an arbitration hearing in a case that should never even have come up. Quite boring and interesting all at once...

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