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Marlin's online stations

Lo Duca_14

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yeah - AOL broadband has free audio (it's great) .. if you have current online service, you can pay 10.95? maybe 12.95 for AOL for Broadband add-on to your current ISP. That gives you the AOL service while you are already connected to the net (in other words, you can't just connect to AOL as if it's your ISP) .. worth it if you ask me

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Hi, since I cant watch the Marlins on tv, I was wondering if there were any sites besides MLB.com to listen to the Marlins. I have looked everywhere but cant find anything. I use to listen to them on wqam, but since they have stoped that I am left with nothing.


y cant u watch on TV?


probably not local

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Thanks for the help anyways. I guess I will just buy MLB.TV for the rest of the season, it doesn't seem too bad. Also I cant watch on TV because I live on an island called Provodenciales, in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Here they only air a few games on ESPN, and on a french canadian station RDS when the Marlins are playing Montreal.

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If you're really that big of a Marlins fan, then you should have no problem just simply subscribing to MLB.TV, it is well worth it.


how much is MLB.TV? I'm thinking of it for the Tigers games..



$40 or so for the rest of the season, I believe.

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