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The Phillies lost again today


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Wow, what happened to them?

I guess I'll miss Admin Bowa.




no billy wagner

no kevin millwood

no pat the bat


... tons and tons of injuries all year round (padilla, polanco, madsen, byrd, and others)



ohhh and Admin bowa ... why is he still there? that's a mind boggeling question but keep him there as long as possible please



bowa you are doing a heck of a job :thumbup

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No more injuries than the Marlins or Braves.


Bowa just sucks.




besides beckett who has been injured and missed like they have missed their closer, top 3 batter and ace ... plus half the other team



wil cordero?

ramon castro?

conine with the flu?


lets be honest they have been plagued with the injury bug























and bowa still sucks :notworthy

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The Marlins lost their top setup man (Fox) for the year; went without one of their best, if not best, SP (Burnett) for 2 months; Beckett missing a half-dozen starts; lost a platoon player and important bat off the bench (Cordero) indefinetly; Wayne and Phelps, then our two best middle relievers, injured; Benitez out for 3 weeks


Atlanta lost Chipper for 2 weeks and he hasn't been the same since; Marrero for a month; Giles, Byrd, Ramirez each for 2+ months


The majority of the Phillies' injuries have come recently and does not explain why a team of such talent and tipped by everyone to win couldn't find their way ahead of the pack in April, May, June or July.

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