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I think a Chat Room serves a good complement to the often long-threaded topics that serve a good purpose (albeit too often for some egos.) Don't know Admin/Webmaster but I think if I can provide him some member names who would like to participate, we might have the Chat Room open on Saturdays and Sundays from 7:00 a.m. 'til noon and weekday evenings when the team is not playing. I'm not among the baseball geniuses who regularly publish on this site. But, I know how to encourage and promote honest conversation, and, when appropriate, to have some fun with it without ever insulting anyone. On this (my favorite) baseball site I have heard many times one genius call another genius "stupid," "retarded," etc. I'll leave those brilliant observations to the geniuses. Bottom-Line: for some healthy chatting, I need to provide the Webmaster with a list of members who are interested as well as my credentials and that of others willing to accept responsibility as per the Protocol the Webmaster designs. Please let me know. Thanks. Arnie, Boynton Beach

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If anyone wants to go into the chat room, theyre more than welcome, its always open.

Since posting my note about Chat Room, the option suddenly appears on my headlines. Tried many times before. Inquired why it showed there were 15 members on. Turns out that number was outdated. I'll be patient. I don't need to reinvent the wheel. But, I'd enjoy a place where simple questions, concerns and emotions can be dealt with honestly and not with essays and pages of statistics. Anyway, thank you for your response. Much appreciate.

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Admin had forgotten the link to the chat room until I pointed it out to him yesterday.




It should be up on the top of the page as a permanent feature, not sure why is was not there earlier for you today though.


Chat rooms are always nice....we try to have them during games especially.


Feel free to call a chat anytime you feel one is warranted..or set up a regular chat time.

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I know there is a chat room for the site, its in teh upper right hand corner...



Check that out first, since its already set up...


But go ahead and contact Admin as well since he is the grand wizard of this site as well.

Thank you! I may have to replace my $7 Walgreens reading glasses. I never saw the little "Chat" box. Still nobody there but at least I have the "key" now!

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