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allright, check out my fantasy team


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This is the 3rd year of this league, non keeper, 50 dollars a team... and I had the first pick. 12 teams in this league.




QB - Trent Green (5)

RB - Priest Holmes (1)

RB - Michael Bennett (3)

WR - Chad Johnson (2)

WR - Peerless Price (4)

WR - Chris Chambers (6)

TE - Antonio Gates (7)

K - Mike Vanderjagt (10)

DST- Philly (9)



QB - Mark Brunnell (11)

RB - Tyrone Wheatley (8)

RB - Tony Hollings (17)

WR - Peter Warrick (12)

WR - David Terrell (13)

WR - Dennis Northcutt (14)

WR - Darius Watts (18)

TE - Desmond Clark (16)

DST - Jacksonville (15)



I should have taken a backup RB earlier because they went fast... Tyrone Wheatley was the last starter left when it got to me... I've wanted Antonio Gates ever since I saw him play GB last year. The things I was happy about was having Warrick fall all the way to the end of the 12th round and Chambers to the last pick in the 6th round.. cuz after Chambers, most of the stud WRs were gone. I think David Terrell will end up being a good pick especially with Booker gone.. I was happy to get Jacksonville as my backup defense as well. Hollings is good and if Davis falters, Hollings will be the man.

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Your WR's will be maybe the best in the league, you have superb depth there......


Pray neither Bennett or Holmes get hurt..... :)


I like Green at a QB, and Brunell is a solid backup.


Overall, you'll have a pretty darn good team as long as Bennett and Holmes stay healthy, as I'd say RB depth is your only real weakness.

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