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y not this


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if Juan Gonzalez getting paid alot of $$$ ? cuz if he not y not make a trade to get him here...i'll take this trade 1- if he not getting alot of $$ , 2- if he ganna stay for 3+ years..






Marlins get : Juan Gonzalez , and cash


Rangers get : Juan Encarnacion , Juan Alvarez , player to be name later

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Gonzalez is in the last year of a two year, 24 mil contract. I'm sure he's looking for a long-term deal with a club that will pay him. The only way he not only gets this type of deal but also stays in the majors for another three years is if he stays in the AL and DH's. He isn't durable enough to play a position in the field long term.

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No one for Juan would make sense. He won't come here, either. For one, He's looking for long-term (or at least longer than a year). And even if he took a pay cut, he'd still be looking at Lowell type money.


Juan is a damaged old man.... No sense in even humoring yourself with the thought of him coming here.

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juan gone has a no trade clause..... he is most likey gonna say NO to da Xpos cuz the astro turf.....


and he doenst wanna play in the NL he is a BI^tch...


and the man would say no to south florida.... he is a great hitter in a hitters ball Park..


case and point compare him when he was with the Tigers Juan Gone wasnt Juan Gone da past... he SUXED he became a STIFF... after DET went to the Tribe tore it up.....


get what im sayin.....


as 4 Juan E... man had a good game today batting 280 good arm RF... plays good D, plays hard and his a young stud 27 years old only makeing 3.5 mil juan gone makeing 12 mil this year.....


since we are about half way... Juan Gone still has 6 mil left to get payed..... Juan E 1.8 mil left.....


Money WISE NO, JUAN GONE WISE NO, its just a NO NO NO NO thing..... this is the same Juan Gone who rejected to be a Yank in 2000...

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awwwwwe come on J rod you didnt actually think Juan gone was gonna say sure i play 4 the Xpos...


this the same guy who rejected to be in the pin stripes in 2000???


when he thinks the AL- NL switch he thinks of his X teamate Alomar... Juan Gone wants to go in the Hall not go to ASTRO TURF land and get hurt.....


keep in mind he is 33 years old 423 HR's well on his way to the 500 CLUB and maybe even the 600 CLUB.....


doesnt wanna FUX up his carrer..... when i heard Tommy Hutton say it on TV i began laughing

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