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  1. FSN = HOME TEAM, not bandwagoners so ?
  2. Who was watching the Marlins/Mets game today in ESPN ?
  3. Sheff is better in LF. Walker sucks this year so dont count him. Sosa is hiting .268 w/ 98 RBI. ENC is actually better than most RF. only big names are better than him. Oh and RF doesnt have to be the star position. and to add one more stat Enc has 0 errors in RF
  4. ^^ thx , LETS GO MARLINS ! Im ganna be at the game today
  5. isnt Pujols at 210? no , i saw 217 on the list they showed in FSN ? it doesnt matter Pierre is top 3 with one of the best 2 hitters in the MLB
  6. too bad we dont got a X !! :banghead bring Xavier Hernadez ( fromer Rays pitcher )
  7. Congrats JP ! Albert Pujols - 217 Hits Todd Helton - 203 Hits Juan Pierre - 200 Hits
  8. Thx , Hope you guys can sign some big news in the offseason and try and win the central , also thx for taking the seires from the Phillies
  9. Who's got tickets to the playoff's ? I got for Game 3 Section 452 / Row 13 / Seat 11 & 12 and for game 4 i got section 127 Row 1 seat 3,4,5,6
  10. Gonzalez is way too good, defensively, to even consider this (IMO). who gives a F**** bout his D ? You need the bat more than the glove , Everytime he comes to hit there man in scoring position and everytime he K's , So why even start him ? Either Start Cabs at SS or Mordi
  11. there all gonna get time anyway i hope Alex doesnt he'll be easy out
  12. You don't experiment with the 6-4-3 double play now!!! Or the 4-6-3. My God. why not vs the Mets ? not like that series means anything ?
  13. my pick is not up there , Alex Gonzalez went from one of the best player in the Marlins to the biggest snub , cant hit a ball
  14. Miguel Cabrera shortstop? What are you smoking? nothing ? i would put Cabrera in SS , 1st - that he natural position , 2nd - Alex cant hit a water melon with a gauitar , 3rd - just put Cabs in SS vs the Mets since this seires doesnt really matter and lets see what he does and you never know
  15. When we play the Giants in the Playoffs what would be ur Lineup ? Mines is : Juan Pierre - CF Luis Castillo - 2B Pudge Rodriguez - C Derrek Lee - 1B Miguel Cabrera - SS Mike Lowell - 3B (since he will not be 100% after missing 2 weeks) Juan Encarnacion - RF Jeff Conine - LF Pitcher - Beckett , Redman , Penny , Willis
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