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Just reported by Channel 10 news.


Looting is becoming a problem in Orlando. One person already arrested.




They will go to hell for taking advantage of people's troubles.


Any problems where you are?


And, if so- what will you do about it?


I remember after Andrew, people were outside with their sawed off shotguns ready to kill looters on sight. Many homes had the signs posted:


"Looters will be shot on sight"

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Guest marlins02

i dont know if these are the same people from orlando but i heard some idiots actually tried to steal an ATM machine.



you would think they havent seen The Barbershop. those things cant be broken.

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I suspect any problems around here would be dealt with rather summarily and the perps simply chucked the in the big canal that passes by.



That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen you write. Thats hilarious man! :lol :lol :lol :rofl :rofl


WTF, you understand that? WTF was he talkin about? Chuck the perpitraters in the canal or something, wierd way to say it.

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