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Here's An Equation for Phlub.....

Guest FishFanInPA

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Guest FishFanInPA

Brett Favre + Painkillers + Fumblitis Green + 4th and 26 + can't win away from Lambeau + Best fans in the NFL = No shot against the Eagles


Westbrook + McNabb + T.O. + LJ Smith = AN offense better then anything your scrubs can come up with.

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I already gave you Favre's credentials in another thread.


I'll let Ahman Greens 1900 yds, and 20 TD's, and 2300 all purpose yards last year speak for themself.


Oh and 3 Super Bowls and 12 Total NFL Championships, hardware baby.


But hey man, I never said I have a problem with you. I just don't like TO. And the Eagles IMHO are a bit overrated considering all the talent they lost.


Our QB's are a wash, but so far this year McNabb's outplayed Favre.


Green's far and away better then Westbrook.


Our O-Line is the best in the NFL.


TO is better then Driver. But Walker & Ferguson are better then Pinkston & Mitchell.


LJ is better a reciever then Bubba, and probably an all around better TE, Bubba is very overrated as a pass catching TE, but as a blocker he's awesome.

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I think highly of our chances because I believe outside of the Vikings, that the NFC is weak. The Packers also lost no starters of value, and only added.


That's my reasoning. Philly, Seattle, Carolina will also be up there as well.


Kampman I had HIGH, HIGH hopes for. But he's just a really good backup.

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