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The main reason I wanted to start this board was to start a reading society of sorts. I believe the online forum is a powerful place to discuss ideas that we learn from books and to sharpen our mind through our own questioning combined with the differing perspectives of others. The variety of backgrounds on just this small message board is huge and I have learned quite a bit from numerous people just posting things from their own experiences.


I'm trying to think of a format whereby we can collectively select a book, read it, digest it, discuss it, and move on to something new. I know it sounds ambitious because books cost money (I always use the library) and it takes time to read a book correctly. Its worth a shot though. We could focus on a narrow topic like terrorism in the 21st century or something as vast as the history of the novel starting with Cervantes up to Palianuk(sp?).


Please, give your input here!


Admin can you pin this please?

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Let's save the topics for later. And I definitely think come Winter, Spring and Summer break I will be perusing this and making more suggestions than I should. But, right now I think the thing to do is to have various suggestions, post a voting thread where we can vote on what peice of literature to read, then have the thread of the book pinned for about two weeks while we go nuts on the thing.


And Shamrock, you're a genius.

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Woohoo... Sort of like "Dead Poet's Society"? :mischief2


I wish I had more time to read. I have a pile of unread books on my library. All the whistle blower books, progressive liberal books and a couple of history and fiction books. So much to read so little time. :confused


I will try to pick the book suggested for the month though. This sounds like a cool thing to do Shammy. I'm glad you thought about it.

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This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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