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First selection of the MB.com Reading Society


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As of now I plan on doing one book per month pending interest and enthusiasm for the society. I am choosing this first book to get the ball rolling and pages turning, this will not become procedure. I may choose a general theme, but I dont want to pick the book.


The topic for at least this month is one that undoubtedly rules the current election and thinking of most American voters -- American foreign policy. I actually consulted my American foreign policy teacher (friend of mine) on this selection and I think it will prove satisfactory to people from all politcal walks of life. Surprise, Security, and the American Experience]Surprise, Security, and the American Experience[/url] is a book written by Yale professor John Lewis Gaddis. Wait you say! An Ivy League history professor probably wrote some hate piece describing how the president is a bumbling idiot and bringing our species to the brink of extinction. Quite to the contrary, Gaddis provides a very scholary, unbiased history of American policy in response to "surprise attacks." Follow the link for comments from readers and an editorial piece on the book.


Another benefit of the book is its size. Its about 130 pages of very readable, smoothly flowing prose. No complex academic arguments to worry about. Just a lucid account. I recommend renting it from the library or maybe even sharing the cost with someone you know on the board. Or try and con a parent into buying it out of intellectual curiosity. They would be proud....believe me :lol . Another tactic is to buy the book from say, Books A Million, and then return when you finish. The only down-side to that is you cant mark in the book which is critical to reading correctly.



Please address any questions, comments, concerns, and snide remarks in here. Thank you and have a nice day.

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