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A new study from the University of Maryland supports the thesis that Kerry and Bush supporters apparently live in different universes, complete with different facts and probably different laws of physics. Bush supporters believe it is a fact that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction; Kerry supporters don't. Bush supporters believe Saddam was supporting al Qaeda; Kerry supporters don't. Bush supporters believe most people in other countries approve of the war in Iraq; Kerry supporters don't. Read it for yourself.

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I think it's a little too simplistic to make these conclusions.


For example, I think a contigent of Bush supporters recognize that there are/were no WMmD's, no connections to AQ nor overwhelming international support.


I think the difference is that they don't fault the administration for coming to these conclusions at the time, and also see the ouster of Saddam as beneficial anyways.


Conversly, I suspect that there are some Kerry supporters (and some seriously considering voting for him, like me) who are voting for him more due to domestic issues than any isue abroad.

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Not true. Not only do the majority of Bush supporters believe these things to be true, but even the ones who dont believe them dont care...thus the topic title. :)


But hey, its only a poll right?





I dont think for a minute bush supportes STILL believe that he had WMD's. Come on, thats ridiculous.

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