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Spokesman: Unit Didn't Search Al-Qaqaa


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Maybe you dished out the crow too early tonyi. See what happens when you go with sludgy drudgy.


Middle East - AP


Spokesman: Unit Didn't Search Al-Qaqaa


2 hours, 18 minutes ago? Middle East - AP


By KIMBERLY HEFLING, Associated Press Writer


A U.S. military unit that reached a munitions storage installation after the invasion of Iraq (news - web sites) had no orders to search or secure the site, where officials say nearly 400 tons of explosives have vanished.


Looters were already throughout the Al-Qaqaa installation south of Baghdad when troops from the 101st Airborne Division's 2nd Brigade arrived at the site a day or so after other coalition troops seized the capital on April 9, 2003, Lt. Col. Fred Wellman, deputy public affairs officer for the unit, told The Associated Press.....


The 101st Airborne was at least the second military unit to arrive at Al-Qaqaa after the U.S.-led invasion began. Pentagon (news - web sites) spokesman Bryan Whitman said the 3rd Infantry Division reached the site around April 3, fought with Iraq forces and occupied the site. It left after two days for Baghdad.





:lol Maybe tonyi should ask Col. Fred Wellman how looters could have done it!



Oh, and the good news for Kerry..this is still in the news and wont go away for Bush.

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If you are going into a country and you know they have a huge stockpile of weapons in a particular place. You make sure as hell that you secure it, don't you? If you knew 240 tons of weapons were in one spot wouldn't you think that is one of the first places you would go to and make sure those weapons don't move and are used?

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Maybe you dished out the crow too early tonyi.


Your crow is still earned and deserved for saying I had no source - CNN was the source.


Reading comprehension seems to be a problem these days. In your first post you said drudge was was saying there was an NBC report but didnt provide a link. What did I say?


On another note, dailykos states that drudge has yet to provide any link or proof of the so called NBC report.



Do you see me saying you had no source? I was just repeating a doubt that dailykos had about drudge.

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