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Phil Hendrie is the best.


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He bashes Jim Rome, thats enough reason for me not to like it.


Who doesn't bash Jim Rome? :shifty


Phil has alot of fun, esp. with other radio hosts. Art Bell is one of his favorites....he always has news from Mars. :shifty



Art Bell retired long ago.... Art is cool. Can't believe a thing on that show, but if you listen to it when its on at like 4 in the am laying in bed or something you can get scraed sh*tless.

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Thats not the same though. And I don't get the weekend shows where I am they just replay old ones, thats something I always hated about the show, depending where you depends on what you get and when.



I'm with Phish Phan on this one....Art Bell was the shiite. Used to listen to him a couple nights week back in the day on summer break.


Back when I was in college I heard his show on the Philadelphia experiment. Cool stuff.

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