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Good News for The Heavyweight Division


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Early this morning, A london paper is reporting with a Lennox Lewis Quote that he's returning to boxing to fight champ Vitali Klitscko.


Then last night in Miami, The Heavyweight Division finally has a great truly young prospect to look at. It's 24 year old Samuel Peters from Nigeria and the guy's got nice speed and combinations to match one of the most devastating power attacks you'll see. He already had a devastating knock out against the respectable Jeremy Williams and last night took on a young cuban prospect Yaqui(sp) Diaz who was just coming off a victory over undefeated Crusierweight king Juan Carlos Gomez. DIaz had no chance as Peters just pummeled him into oblivion, knocking him down 5 times and proving himself to be the first real Heavyweight prospect in a long time.


The guy's got a body like a bull, good speed and combinations to go along with devastating power.

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I think it's a mistake for Lennox to unretire, he's been inactive for a long time and he'll be stepping into the ring against a guy who nearly took him out last time they fought and has emerged as the top heavy-weight.


As for Sammy Peters, he was quite impressive. It just seems like he's trying to hit that one big punch and an actual "boxer" could just wear him down and pick him apart. Also, he's going to have to learn to control his emotions, 3 times last night he punched Yanqui Diaz while he was down. He's quite lucky he didn't get DQ'ed.

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