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Blue Jays rename SkyDome

Guest Moneyball

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Guest Moneyball

Sayonara SkyDome




Will SkyDome by another name bring fans back to the ballpark?


Say goodbye to the SkyDome. Sources have told Sportsnet that the Toronto-based stadium will be officially renamed at a news conference Wednesday.


The new name will contain two words, one of which is Rogers, as in Ted, owner of the stadium and its main tenants, the Toronto Blue Jays.


But don't expect the new name to include the word SkyDome. Rogers wants to drop that name entirely.


In hopes of renewing fan interest, incidentally, the Jays will announce at the same Wednesday news conference that they're spending several million dollars to install new, grass-like turf and a dazzling, state-of-the-art scoreboard.


As well, sources have told Sportsnet that the Jays also will announce that they are prepared to beef up general manager J.P. Ricciardi's budget to give him more of a fighting chance in future seasons against the likes of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.


Also, if it is deemed that the Jays are in playoff contention when they approach the stretch drive this summer -- and that seems unlikely, considering the way other American League East teams bostered their rosters with expensive acquisitions this off-season -- Ricciardi will be greenlighted to buy rather than sell.


Among the high-profile players likely to be available on the trade market this summer is Oakland A's pitcher Barry Zito.


Interestingly, the former Cy Young winner was a major part of the recent negotiations between ex-Toronto star Carlos Delgado and the Florida Marlins. The Marlins said they couldn't match the two perks offered to Delgado by the Mets -- hotel suites on the road and a no-trade clause -- but they promised Delgado's agent, David Sloane, they would reserve enough money in their budget to pursue Zito in the summer in the likelihood that he becomes available. It was that commitment to winning, as well as a $12-million option for Delgado for a fifth year, that clinched the deal.


By the way, Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos still hasn't heard from Major League Baseball executives about how he is supposed to be compensated for relinquishing his territorial rights for the Washington Nationals. And I'm told that if he isn't satisfied soon, he'll launch a massive suit. As if baseball doesn't have enough to worry about.







SkyDome was the coolest stadium name ever.


Rogers Centre is gonna look awesome next year with the changes being made.

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