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Cabs Jersey

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I have one..JP and it cost me $19.99. You can get it in kids $14.99. Go to the actual Dynasty warehouse by Opa Locka. They're open till 5pm on weekdays and occassionaly on Saturday. You may want to call first. I get all my Marlin gear there at great prices. Better than at the stadium and sports stores. Just thought I'd pass it along. They have other teams, very little, as well.

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I know it looks cheap from the pic, but its made with good quality material. Like I said, its just heavy and the picture doesn't do it any justice. It's not as nice as the MLB ones, but Dynasty Apparel is the company that does alot of stuff with the Marlins. They're the ones that make the TShirts for them. You may want to check out the actual warehouse. They have tons of stuff there, plus other jerseys. If you need more info, let me know. Oh and to answer someone's questions, yes they have other players. Last season they had JP, Conine, Castillo, Lowell, Beckett and Benitez.

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You can get an authentic batting practice jersey at the marlins store....


they have lowell and cabrera..


they have the black replica in lowell.


white replica in Delgado, Beckett, Pierre, Willis, Lowell, Cabrera.....


just stop by there or call them at 305-442-8776


ask for marisel or joe.........



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