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MarlinFan changes name to Moneyball

Guest Moneyball

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I just changed my name about 3 days ago...Once you change, you feel lost and depressed for a little while. Then you realize that you can start over again and create a new identity for yourself--because people on this board are too dumb to realize that all you did was change your name....



PS- I'm kidding about the people on this board..They aren't dumb.



Blind :D

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Guest Moneyball

I'm inching ever closer to Moneyball.


It's just gonna be hard to leave MarlinFan if I do change.


But I wouldn't totally abandon that name because my AOL account is MarlinFanHOFer.

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Guest Moneyball

Wow....this is earth shattering....


Admin...you going to post this on the front page?




Not a bad idea....


How bout it Admin?


:mischief :plain

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