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Opening Day

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If you really lived for it...you'd be at the stadium.





...college...lol..no car or else i'd drive..if i had money i'd fly but 30 bucks in bank account dont cut it...


i've tried to even get fsn but freaking piece of **** orlando doesn't get it and i can't have mlbtv, tried that too....

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well hang on, lets total up my sleep totals...what's today? last night was hmm, 4, the day before that was the yankees game right? that was 6 so yes since saturday, 10 hours of sleep...not counting saturday night? is that on sataurday..cause saturday night i slept like 11 hours but it was really 10 hours because of the stupid clocks. but HEY who's counting...


i guess the people reading this useless info

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