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Conine Practice Positions?

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Anyone (e.g. a homeless person living in the Marlins dugout) know what infield positions Conine practices at daily? 1B? 3B?


Niner was a good 3B. Don't know if the requisite quickness is still there, but I have to believe he is at least as quick as Lenny.


Easley is not as available at 1B or 3B until Castillo's hammy problem is confidently resolved.


8:15 edit... And you shouldn't mess with Cab's head by moving him back to 3B.

You would pay in offense.

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Judging by McKeon's quote of (and I'm paraphrasing) that Conine's got a tough time becase 1) the right-fielder's one of the top RBI guys right now, 2) the left fielder's one of the top hitters, and 3) the firstbaseman is Delgado, I'm inclined to believe that he's just worked at those positions. Third-base is not a likely option, unless we do the unlikely and start going with Cabrera as the more than temporary 3B and put Conine in the outfield. That scenario, in my opinion, cannot even be considered until the end of June.

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Why would we need a nontemporary 3B when Mike Lowell is signed to a multiyear deal?



Well, everybody's getting ahead of themselves, but if Lowell continues to trudge the Mendoza line for the next month or two, it doesn't matter what kind of contract he's on, we're trying to win a pennant.

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I guess I'm not of the belief that Conine can produce at a middle of the lineup level for an entire season.



Nor am I, but I'm inclined to believe that he can outproduce .190 and 8 RBI.


If Lowell continues to struggle for a prolonged period of time, I think this scenario has to be at least explored.

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