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Cabrera impresses Delgado


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ATLANTA -- In person, Miguel Cabrera has been better than advertised to slugger Carlos Delgado.


The Marlins' 22-year-old sensation, Cabrera is compiling All-Star caliber numbers in his second full MLB season.


An All-Star a year ago, Cabrera is off to a stellar start, batting .355 with a team-high five home runs and 22 RBIs.


In Tuesday's 11-6 win over the Braves, Cabrera drove in four runs, including blasting a three-run homer to center. He added an RBI single to right.


"I had never watched him before," said Delgado, formerly in the American League with the Blue Jays. "I heard about him and heard he had a lot of power. Usually guys who have a lot of power, they have a tendency to get out and pull. For him, he's able to get some hits when he gets behind in the count."


A natural hitter who has power to all fields, Cabrera has long drawn comparisons to Albert Pujols.


That he turned 22 on April 18 makes it more remarkable that Cabrera is so productive at such a young age.


"It's amazing what he does at any age," Delgado said. "He's got a very good approach and that's hard to teach. For a guy who is strong and has a lot of power, it takes a lot of discipline to go the other way and on an inside pitch to pull it. That's refreshing."


Cabrera credits Delgado's presence in the lineup as one reason for his power numbers.


"That helps a lot," Cabrera said. "I see men in scoring position a lot. That's good for me."


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yeah you would have to make the pitchers stamina real low.


but mikey is a great player and person i aint going to hate on him anymore he will break out.


last year in houston he let me wear his WS ring



Wow that was really nice of him...hopefully he will break out of slump tonight :thumbup

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