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Paulie made a nice chunk on the Derby

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Catcher Paul Lo Duca was high-fiving clubhouse personnel Saturday, but not for anything he or the Marlins accomplished on the field.


Lo Duca, who owns and races thoroughbreds, bet on long shot Giacomo to win the Kentucky Derby and managed to see the race by sneaking inside the clubhouse between innings.


''It's awesome,'' said Lo Duca, who wagered an undisclosed amount on Giacomo, who paid $102.60 for a $2 win bet.


Lo Duca has had his eye on the colt for so long that he said he played him in the future book at 45-1 odds in January.


Part of Lo Duca's affinity for the horse stems from winning jockey Mike Smith, whom he befriended when the two lived in the same building.


''He calls me all the time if I hit a home run, so for him to win the Kentucky Derby is like us winning the World Series,'' said Lo Duca, who planned to call Smith to congratulate him.


Lo Duca didn't think he was going to get to see the race, because post time was scheduled for 6:04 p.m., one minute before the start of Saturday's game against the Colorado Rockies.


But the race was delayed several minutes, and Lo Duca got to watch it on the clubhouse television in the middle of the first inning.


You gotta think he had a few bills on Giacomo


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Guest Fritz

He was talking about this on Jim Rome today. He, like Holly, has a passion for horses. Must be nice to be a millionaire as is and then just get a nice little 5-figure payday* for betting on his boy's horse.


*Just an assumption

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