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Wells Shrugs Off Loss, Visits 2nd Home


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Arroyo will def. not go back to the Pen he has been the no. 1 or 2 guy IMO this whole year. He will be in the rotation the remainder of the season, hes earned that right.


As for Schilling, I dont even know if the guy will be effective this year. Im not saying that out of frusteration, but he seems to be making little/no progress this season. October 2004 may be the last time we ever saw the 'Real Curt'.


I think if Wells wants to be, he can be a 6-4 per 10 kinda starter with a 4 ERA. Which Ill take for him to be the no.5 guy. Its all up to him, I think Boomer plays hard when he wants to and sometimes he just does whatever the hell he wants. If he doesnt shape up soon, I think Abe Alvarez gets a shot in the majors within the month.


Im fully prepared to go to war with a rotation of Matt Clement, Bronson Arroyo, Tim Wakefield, Wade Miller, and whomever else from here on out. The starting pitching has been poor at times, but overall the streaky hitting of this team and LOB is very annoying.

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