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marlins road attendance

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Methinks it's because we are an exciting team. Much more appreciated "on the road" than we are at home. South Florida is football country.

We're so pleased we had 20,000 in attendance the last couple of games. That's half of what the Dodgers had.

Unless there's a stadium miracle in the next few months, the Marlins are out of here within four years. There's no support here for them.

They will find a home where they are appreciated.

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I think its more of where we are playing



Partially yes. But an average of 36K is higher than the home average of all but one place we've visited....which suggests the Marlins are a popular draw when we come to town.


Also, our home attendance is hovering around 23K....which is a nice increase from last year. We are no longer in the bottom five. In fact we are now 20th in home attendance. Baby steps.

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After looking further into this matter, our great performance on the road might be the cause of it. Were the only team in our division who has a winning record on the road, and were one of only 5 times in the NL to have a winning record on the road.


Only the Cardinals have fewer losses than us on the road in the NL...and had we not got swept by the Padres on the road, then maybe we would have the fewest losses on the road in the NL, or atleast tied.


That might be another reason...

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the surprising thing is that if you look at the last 4 teams in road attendance, they all have one thing in common.....


That they're all in the A.L.?


That they're in the A.L Central


Close enough. :D

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it's funny, every non Marlin fan I know hates the Fish...


Why hate? I can understand indifference or malaise, but hatred? You have a bunch of friends that are Philly fans?


they think we're cocky. they dont like Jack. they hate Beckett and Burnett. they are jealous of our rings. they dont think miami deserves a team(which we dont, but thats another story)


and no, none are Philly fans

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