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Interleague Play

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For the past few days a bunch of baseball writers and national media types have been talking about interleague play and its inequities. For instance they are all harping on how the Marlins get to play the DRays 6 times this season while a team like the Mets play the Yankees 6 times a year, yet I never once heard how lobsided it is for the Cardinals to play the Royals 6 times this year.


Its funny that when baseball decided to have an uneven schedule they dont talk about how the teams in the NL East are getting shafted in the Wild Card, because of the strength of the NL East as compared to lets say the NL West. A team like Arizona has an easier time making the WC than any team in the NL East.



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It's stupid. The intraleague schedule hasn't even been balanced since 1969. For example this year, the Marlins play the Cubs more often than any one else in the division. Why is it an issue now? Because interleague play is new and an easy target for hack columnists?

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McKeon has an idea to improve interleague play for the fans.


He'd like to see the DH rule reversed so that when an AL team visits a NL team the DH is employed in the NL park, and viceversa.


That way the fans would get to see ball played differently than they usually do. For example, when the Rays visited the Marlins, under Jack's plan, the DH would have been used.


Jack says he keeps mentioning it to MLB but it never goes anywhere.

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Jack's idea (which I heard from him before) is one of the best.? I think it would really inject new interest into interleague and would be a welcome addition.




I agree as well. They should consider it.



I also agree, maybe they will think about switching it next year

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