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What did your first round look like?


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1. Albert Pujols

2. Carlos Beltran

3. Alex Rodriguez

4. Miguel Tejada (me)

5. Vladimir Guerrero

6. Randy Johnson

7. Alfonso Soriano

8. Scott Rolen

9. Todd Helton

10. Manny Ramirez

11. Ichiro Suzuki

12. Mark Prior


Pujols and ARod are putting up the best numbers with Tejada right behind them. Soriano is having a solid year.


Beltran, Unit, Helton, Ramirez and Ichiro have all been a disappointment and Rolen, Prior and Vlad are hurt. So basically, only 4 of the first 12 picks have perfromed as expected.


Anyway, I'm very happy with Tejada. Some people thought I took him too early but getting this kind of production out of my SS is great.

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A. Pujols

?. Rodr?guez

V. Guerrero

C. Beltr?n

B. Abreu

M. Ram?rez

M. Tejada

A. Soriano

S. Rolen

M. Cabrera

Jo. Santana (me)

R. Johnson


Best Picks - Abreu, Tejeda

Worst Picks - Beltran, Rolen and Johnson


I am happy with my pick of Santana I always look for pitching before hitting...I am currently in first place by only a 1 1/2 games with the top 4 teams being separated by 6 games

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Abreu and Santana were both keepers so that through things off a little.


It's really surprising to see Beltran with only 1 steal.. especially with all we've been hearing about how Randolph likes to run


Yeah but he bats 3rd on the team...when you have Reyes and Matsui batting ahead of you its hard for him steal...its rough because w/o Beltran's steals he isnt quite the fantasy player.

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My idea going into a draft is go for key positions that are often weak..


So if I had the choice it would look like this normally.









Beltran I dont think should be in the top of the draft, he was overratted just like Huff was this year. I saw a league with Randy picked in the top 5 also, I cringe for that guys team.


In my three leagues I ended up with Puljos, Arod and then Vlad (picked 8th in the league 12 teams each). I am currently 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.


My other opinion is it is better to keep only one bat for the bench and then get as many SP and RP as you can. You can rotate them day to day where a player you are rarely gonna play the matchups.

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