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Prospecting the Marlins draft


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Nice job Maverick....keeping us informed on who the Marlins picked in this year's draft...now we all have to ask why did we go with 90% pitchers.....we are stockpiled right now in Greensboro with Vanden Hurk, Allison, Baxter and Mobley...in Jupiter we have Russ, Mildren, Vargas, Bostick....in Carolina we have Olsen, Bazardo, Kensing, Johnson, Lockwood, Resop, Cave, Wolf & McNutt and then in AAA we are stockpiled once again....how many arms can we have? Looks like we might be in for some big name trades before July 31 with the pitching we have.....need some position players......


I would imagine that some of these young arms will get a call to the bigs before season's end as some veterans will not be resigned next year......


Oh yea I forgot Tankersley....when he gets healthy......


Can't ever have enough young arms I guess......now to sign them all.....OUCH

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you wonder why they'd go with Aaron Thompson if he's looking for a huge signing bonus. That doesn't seem necessary with the Marlins having a lot of minor league pitching talent already anyway.... I would like to have seen them grab a stud position player with that pick.

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