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Shortfall still unresolved


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Shortfall still unresolved




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Major League Baseball's June 9 deadline for an update on a Marlins stadium financing plan has come and gone without resolution.


''We're in the same spot we were -- no better, no worse,'' Miami city manager Joe Arriola said.


Arriola said he tried unsuccessfully to reach MLB officials Thursday. Had he reached them, Arriola said he would have told MLB that it must increase its contribution to the project. (MLB isn't paying anything, but the Marlins are responsible for $192 million.)


''The city and [Miami-Dade] county are not going to put in any more money,'' Arriola said.


The proposed $435 million retractable roof stadium next to the Orange Bowl has a $45 million funding gap. The Marlins declined to comment.


Even though the county has discussed the possibility of the Marlins remaining at Dolphins Stadium on a long-term basis -- with a roof being added -- the team is not interested.


Asked if the Marlins will be authorized to negotiate with other cities, MLB president Robert DuPuy said via e-mail: ``There has been no request by the Marlins to consider relocation. We continue to talk to the team, city and county, and I hope to meet with each of them soon.''



I don't see why MLB doesn't help out. Certainly they want the Marlins to stay in the Miami market.

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