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Miguel Cabrera


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Well as I was following the game on CBS Sportsline I looked up cab's stats. I was alarmed. He is up to 60+ Strikeouts! That is an incredibly high number for someone who is supposed to be a pure hitter.


You will see me refer to Albert Pujols a lot and this is no different. Now I am not comparing Cab to Pujols (that would be unfair to any player) I am just going to use him as a model of what Cab should strive for. Every yeah Pujols works hard to get his strikeout numbers down. Last year I believe he ENDED the year where he played almost 150 games at aprox 60 strikeouts.


You're usual power hitter stats will read mid to high .200's 30+ hrs 110+ rbis and 150+ strikeouts. Cab has been touted as a pure hitter. Someone who can hit for average and power and is a hard strikeout which is what you want in your 3 or 4 spot. I think he needs to begin focusing on his strikeout numbers and bringing them down in the next 2 seasons.


IMPORTANT: I'm not bashing cabera. hes a great hitter. I am just giving my opinion on what he needs to do to be mentioned in the same breath as pujols (which he is starting to be).

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