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Congratulations Randy Messanger


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cause if Jack takes him out and puts Lenny Harris or Chris Aguila and they ground out...then he goes to the pen for lets say Resop...Resop gets hit hard and you come on here and complain that Jack should have left Messenger in because he was on a roll and was at least hitting 1.000....


basically its damn if you, damn if you dont...the life of a Major League Manager... :shifty

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nobody...but my point is...IF that scenario played out and Resop just happens to get hit hard...we'd all complain that Messenger should have been left in...


...bottom line, whatever Jack does is always the wrong move and something better could have been done...hindsight is 20/20...


...if Jack knew what would happen to Easley and Lo Duca in the ninth...he would have taken Messenger out...but he had no clue...its a game, theres a lot of guessing going on...let the man breathe

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