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I just became a Marlins and baseball fan this May. I never got into baseball till I saw there game with the Mets and watching D-Train pitch. I favored them over the mets cause all my freinds (I live in NJ) rag on the mets :p . I only wish I could have seen their success in '03 :( .


I am part mets fan but I truthfully stcik behind this marlins team 100%. I like that they are not an over or underated team and they play fairly well! This team has placed in new interest in MLB for me :D


Also as a newbie to how the mlb is. I have a question...


How does the wild card work? (what's it take to be on and how does it make it reachable to be in the WS)

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I never liked the yankees because in NJ, they seem so overrated at times. Even when they lose very badly, freinds and others still talk trash. I remember hereing last year ( '03 ) that the marlins wo the WS beating the yanks for it. Now once I saw the name "mariners," i totally got confused :p . Since the marlins were the first team I saw play that was not on a local station. I chose them.


The ironiclly funny thing was my freind (Braves Fan) got me into baseball. He told me MLB is not that boring and when you have a team to stick by, it's fun to watch. He was the one that convinced me to watch a show and that weekend I did. Imagine the shock on his face when I said Marlins :lol


He got a bit mad and you know how arrogant and prdeful braves fans are :whistle

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