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Lowell could be packaged with Burnett in deal

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Lowell could be packaged with Burnett in deal

By Tom D'Angelo


Palm Beach Post Staff Writer


Monday, July 18, 2005


PHILADELPHIA ? The Florida Marlins appear ready to trade pitcher A.J. Burnett, and possibly third baseman Mike Lowell, with the Orioles and Red Sox making serious bids, according to sources.


Burnett could be traded before his next start, which is Tuesday.


"It almost seems imminent something is going to happen,'' a source close to the situation said Sunday.


Burnett and Lowell flew with the team to Arizona after the Marlins' 8-4 loss to the Phillies on Sunday.


A multi-player deal with the Orioles would be the Marlins' preference if the Orioles agree to take Lowell. Boston has offered a package that includes right-hander Bronson Arroyo. But "that could change with a phone call,'' according to a source who said about four other teams are interested.


The Marlins are attempting to package Lowell in any deal involving Burnett. Talk of a three-way trade with Boston and San Diego was reported Sunday with third baseman Sean Burroughs and Arroyo among the players headed to Florida. Burnett and Lowell would wind up in Boston.


A report out of the Baltimore area said the Orioles could make the deal if they would accept Lowell as part of the package for starting pitcher Hayden Penn (recently returned to Class AA), relievers Steve Kline and Jorge Julio and outfielder Admin Bigbie.


Burnett, who is 5-6 with a 3.64 ERA and will be a free agent at the end of the season, appears unfazed by the reports.


"I don't think it is going to happen," he said Sunday.


Lowell, hitting.227 and making $7.5 million, is not surprised his name has resurfaced in trade talks.


"This is a business,'' Lowell said Sunday. "You look at my numbers and you look at my contract.


"I'm a realist. I'm not putting up numbers to the contract that I'm making.''


Lowell has four home runs (three fewer than Damion Easley, who took Lowell's spot at third base Sunday) and 36 RBI. But the number that hangs around the Marlins' necks is $21.25 million, the amount Lowell is due through 2007.


"I think you have a lot more leeway if you're a big market team and we're not that,'' Lowell said. "And Miguel Cabrera can play third. All the things that I see, it's not surprising to me. It doesn't bother me, it really doesn't.''


For Lowell, the rumors are nothing new. In 2003, his name was linked to proposed deals with the Cubs and Dodgers before the trading deadline, and he was the subject of several rumors while in the Yankees' system from 1995-99.


The trade deadline is July 31




Very interesting comments by both AJ and Mike.


AJ doesn't believe anything will happen. Could it be he is unwilling to sign a contract extension at this time?


Mike doesn't seem phased by all the trade talk either.


And both were on the plane to Arizona.


So nothing in imminent......yet.

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And from the Herald:


Unfazed Lowell has heard trade talk before




[email protected]



Mike Lowell has heard his name thrown around in trade rumors before, and he's treating the latest ones no differently than the others.


He's ignoring them.


''I think rumors are rumors, because, going back to the minor leagues, I think I've been [named] in potentially 50 trades,'' Lowell said. ``Until someone in this organization tells me I'm traded, I'm not going to pay any attention to it.''


Lowell's name has come up in trade discussions between the Marlins and Baltimore Orioles, who are in the mix of teams pursuing pitcher A.J. Burnett. Lowell and Burnett could be packaged in a deal with Baltimore.


It was in 2003, with the end-of-July trade deadline approaching, that the Cubs and Dodgers were reported to be actively pursuing a trade for Lowell. But Lowell didn't go anywhere, helped lead the Marlins to a World Series title and ended up receiving a multiyear contract.


Now, his name is back out there.


There have been reports that the Orioles, if they obtain Lowell, might move him from third base to first.


''We're getting ahead of ourselves,'' Lowell said when asked of that potential scenario. ``But if I'm on a team that asks me to play a different position, I'm going to play it, the same as if [the Marlins] asked me.''




While the Orioles are making a concerted effort to work out a deal for Burnett, sources said the Boston Red Sox also are making a hard push for the right-hander.


The Red Sox likely would give up Key West native Bronson Arroyo, a 28-year-old right-hander, and prospects to acquire Burnett.


Several other teams also are interested in Burnett, but the Red Sox and Orioles might be the only two the pitcher would agree to an extension with. Burnett can become a free agent after the season, a big reason the Marlins are shopping him.



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I wouldnt say nothing is imminent. Of course they went to Arizona with the team, there isnt a deal in place yet so they arent going to just take 23 players on the road trip. The way Peter Gammons was talking a deal could be done at any minute.



There was all the speculation earlier that the deal with Boston was done. Clearly that isn't true now.

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I wouldnt say nothing is imminent. Of course they went to Arizona with the team, there isnt a deal in place yet so they arent going to just take 23 players on the road trip. The way Peter Gammons was talking a deal could be done at any minute.



There was all the speculation earlier that the deal with Boston was done. Clearly that isn't true now.



I know. I think a deal will be done soon, and if it is with the Orioles I think it will happen tomarrow, Erik Bedard is coming back so they have to make room for him so that could help push things along. According to Peter Gammons the Red Sox arent interested, thats good news to me, proabbly not to you though.

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And from the Sun-Sentinel


All the papers are really locked into a trade with Lowell packaged with Burnett.


Lowell linked to trade for Burnett


By Juan C. Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Posted July 17 2005



PHILADELPHIA ? If A.J. Burnett is traded, there's a good chance he won't go alone.


Teams hopeful of putting Burnett in their pre-July 31 trading deadline shopping cart may have to take Mike Lowell off the Marlins' shelf as well. The Marlins are exploring ways to package the struggling third baseman with the sought-after right-hander.


That may be the only way to move Lowell, considering he is due $21.25 million through 2007. The Marlins are not opposed to trading Lowell for the same reason teams aren't interested in acquiring him. Lowell entered Saturday's game against the Phillies batting .226 with a .351 slugging percentage, thanks to only four homers.


There is growing sentiment within the organization that trading Lowell and moving Miguel Cabrera back to his former position is the way to go. According to one major league source, the Marlins are prepared to move Burnett and Lowell but only for a package that addresses multiple needs.


The Blue Jays, White Sox and Twins were among the teams with scouts in Philadelphia on Thursday for Burnett's start. The White Sox, Twins and Orioles have been identified as possible landing spots for Lowell.


Sending Lowell and Burnett to Baltimore appeared to be a good fit until the Orioles decided right-hander Daniel Cabrera was off limits. A deal for prospects Hayden Penn, reliever Jorge Julio and outfielder Admin Bigbie may not be enough to get it done.


The White Sox also could put together an attractive package for Burnett and Lowell. The Marlins have pursued Jose Contreras in the past and would likely insist on reliever Damaso Marte and either prospect Brian Anderson or Brandon McCarthy.


A versatile outfielder, Anderson was the White Sox's first-round pick out of Arizona in 2003. A 6-foot-7 right-hander, McCarthy is rated the organization's third-best prospect by Baseball America, but he has struggled at Triple-A, going 3-7 with a 5.56 ERA.


Dan Jennings, Marlins vice president of player personnel, is scouting this weekend's White Sox-Indians series.


Trading deadline speculation is nothing new for Lowell. Two years ago it became so intense that General Manager Admin Beinfest felt compelled to quash it, saying the team was keeping him and would explore a multiyear contract after the season.


"I'm kind of taking it the same way," Lowell said. "I truly understand that this is a business and the Marlins are going to explore different options. I've always said that I feel so fortunate to play Major League Baseball. I obviously have my preference, but wherever I may go, if I go, I'll play as hard as I can.


"My name's being shopped around because I'm a big contract that's not putting up numbers to justify that. Now it's more of an unloading where before it was because I was doing so well I might be too expensive. Sure, it's different, but I still think I'm a good player."




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