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Sickels updates his Top 50 hitters and pitchers


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the full list can be seen at maverickball but here was some interesting Q&A


Paul S.: I realize he's older and positionless. But I'd rather have Josh

Willingham than a few of these guys like Omar Quintanilla.


Sickels:I like Quintinilla, but I agree that Willingham has more of an impact bat.

As you point out, Josh lacks a position and is old as prospects go, but he's

a fine hitter ready for Major League action. He would be somewhere in the 40s

on a revised list and will likely be there in August.


David W: John, what about Jason Vargas? He belongs in the Top 20, IMO, let

alone the Top 50 pitchers.


Sickels:Vargas has risen so rapidly this year that I overlooked him due to "Stat

line Spread." But his performance at each level has been excellent, combined

118/31 K/BB, and he's in the Majors now. He definitely belongs. When you wrote "top 20" my initial reaction was no, but the more I think

about it, the more I think you have a good case. His numbers speak for themselves, he has good stuff, he knows how to pitch. My only concern is that he may be being rushed a bit fast (like J.P. Howell has been by the Royals). Even the best college pitchers benefit from additional minor league time in my opinion. But Vargas definitely belongs on the list. Let's slot him in at 20, and move everyone else down a notch

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