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The Baseball Analysts' top 75 prospects


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67. Jason Vargas: Florida Marlins (SP)- 22

A- (SAL): 0.80 16/33.2 33/10 1

A+ (FSL): 3.42 47/55.1 60/14 6

AA (CAR): 2.84 13/19.0 25/7 3


Really on a tour of America this year, Vargas is currently on his fourth level of the season in Miami. He has seen success at each stop, and his first start against the Diamondbacks went fine. Four walks is way too much for five innings, and they look to be the result of falling behind in the count, in which Vargas does not pitch very effectively. A lot of people would kill for the southpaw trio of Willis, Olsen and Vargas in one rotation.



5. Jeremy Hermida: Florida Marlins (OF)- 21

AA (SOU): .294/.451/.514, 76/68, 19/20 SB in 269 AB


He's stealing again, which really makes Hermida the minors top five-tool talent. Where he fits into the Marlin OF mix (he could replace Cabrera, Pierre, or Encarnacion) remains to be seen. But they will find him a spot. And if the Marlins decide to make Hermida their number two hitter -- which is the choice I would ultimately reccommend -- expect opposing pitchers to be awful scared of facing Hermida, then Cabrera, then Delgado. Yikes.



Scott Olsen (and Penn) aren't on the list, maybe because of their time in the majors? Though Andy Marte is, which is somewhat odd.


Top 5 are Delmon Young, King Felix, Marte, Prince Fielder, and Hermida.


Brian Anderson, the White Sox OF prospect, is 28. Markakis, the O's outfield prospect (who the Marlins really should, IMO, make a play for in any deal with the O's) is 52. HanRam is 25, and the authors advocate the Red Sox trading him, though I don't think they should/will.



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